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Risk by Fleur Ferris

The story risk is about two best friends who both meet the same guy online. Both girls start to have a crush on him because of how genuine he seems. So when one of the girls Serena¬†says the guy (Jacob Jones) is the one she asks her friends to cover for her while she goes to meet him.¬† When Serena doesn’t come back that night her friends start to get worried but assume that she is still out with him having a good time. When one night turns into three days, her friends start to get really worried and tell her mum what had happened. The rest of the story consists of everyone trying to find Serena, but are they looking for an abductor or a killer?

I really enjoyed this book because it has real life problems that people face today and makes you think twice about what the characters are going through. I would give this book 5/5 starts because the thrill and the excitement in the book made me really get into it and feel what the characters are feeling.


inky State Library Victoria

Sounds a page turner! Just letting you know that Risk is in the book data base if you want to link it to the review.

25th Jun, 19

Woah, sounds really good! I love the premise

29th Jun, 19